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Today's Style Inspiration: Mr. Roberto Mararo

Dress Like A Gent™ believes that class and style should speak for itself and strives to provide examples of individuals who have mastered an elite and consistent sense of style for themselves. Personal style is a matter of choice and experiment, whereby the real life model has discovered their most authentic sense of self and is able to display such in their look. This process is one of trial and error, does and don'ts, study, and self-awareness. Mr. Mararo, CEO and designer of the Mararo boutique in Milan, is definitely a one who has very skillfully accomplished this task. His bespoke garments are, in my opinion, impeccable and iconic especially for the man who is fond of European classic styles.  

Mr. Mararo knows how to put the whole look together! His bespoke garments are all custom-fitting in a way that both compliments and crowns the gentleman. Personally, I admire the way that his choice of textures and accenting colors gives a very blended finishing touch to the overall ensemble. His creative work is such that by even seeing the visuals of his outfits, engages the viewer into the very moment when the image was captured. Although I've yet to  travel to Milan, the pics of Roberto Mararo strolling through beautiful Milan in his royal-looking classic suits and classic hats has a whimsical way of motivating you to plan your next trip to Italy.

Classic style is timeless and defies the need to be trendy. It has the ability to transcend decades and still appear relevant, refined and crisp. To be able to capture these things in the design of a garment consistently is a feat that when accomplished, deserves to be commended. Mr. Mararo has been able to do just that and continues to do so. He is an exemplar of modern classic style that blazes the path for other aspiring classic gents and helps the individual to set realistic guidelines in the process of their individual style journey.

Please visit for more info on the Mararo brand and Designer. Additionally, Mr. Mararo can be seen on Instagram under the name mararomrraro

Photo Courtesy: Top Right (JPMV), Top Left (ChillaxingROAD Photography)


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