How To Develop Your Personal Style

In this blog, I would like to focus on the #1 Question that everyone asks, which is; "How do I develop my personal style?" Not only are people asking this question, but it is becoming more and more common for people to invest in hiring their own personal stylist to spruce up their everyday look. As previously mentioned, it is foundational that we recognize that style itself is something that is both personal and individualized. With this being said, it is important that the individual take time to discover his/her personal tastes in clothing. Again, we all have a general, preset style type about us, but oftentimes, we lack the know-how to enhance that style by putting the appropriate pieces together. Sometimes, it helps to just take an overview of your closet by paying attention to the types of items that you tend to gravitate toward. Perhaps you tend to go for a certain color or a certain embedded design in the clothing you usually buy. These are generally the types of things that make you feel good and can help to assessand build your personal style. What I would like to do in this blog is to outline a few, practical style developing tips that I believe will serve as a quick and easy guide to help you in your journey of personal style development. Please note, these are only suggestions and can very well be altered by the individual. Here goes a few:

Style Tip # 1 - Define your ambitions by writing them down and dress in a way that compliments your ambitions. This is the best way to discover your personal style, build it and refine it.

Sometimes, it helps to pay attention to what types of things you wear that get the most compliments. Generally, this will help you to recognize the types of combos that people determine display the “best you”.

Style Tip # 2 - Identify style icons that you admire and use them as guides as you build your personal style. Follow their style journey and pay attention to their consistencies, how they dress for various occasions. Keep in mind, you're focus is not to mimic another person's style, but to use them as a guide which can in turn

Style Tip # 3 - Shop in your own closet first. Style rarely requires expensive shopping and most of the time, we already own several items that can be used in enhancing our personal style. Purge your existing wardrobe of pieces that are not complimentary of the type of image you are aiming for. As you aspire to build a style that best fits your ambitions and your individuality, build upon some of the things you already possess.

Style Tip # 4 - Don’t try so hard – Style is only complicated because we make it more complicated than it should be. Find an outfit that you believe you look good in and wear it, but remember that a person’s individual style should look great on and seem effortless. It is often when we try to overdue it, that it looks more like a disaster and creates distraction.

Style Tip # 5 - Wear Color, but Carefully. A few variations of color are fine and can serve to update clothes you already own. Remember to accessorize with color more so rather than incorporating it into a whole look. Of course, this is subject to a person's ability to wear it right and because style is personal, the individual has every right to be more daring with colors as long as it's not overkill. I will actually be sharing in a future post on Colors and Color-Blocking to provide you with more details on how to incorporate color in your style.

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