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The Art of Color Blocking

The Art of Color Blocking

One of the things that many men are afraid to experiment with on their fashion journey is color. Incorporating color in your wardrobe can add life and character to your entire presentation. The main hesitation that men have in adding pieces of color to their outfits is when they allow thoughts of, "I don't want to look like a clown" or "Vibrant colors may make me look effeminate" to consume them. This, of course has become a mainstream falsification only among those who are not educated in regards to men's style and fashion. In this blog, I will address some very simple ways to incorporate color into your closet in a manner that is tasteful, selective and appropriate.

The first thing to keep in mind when learning to add color to your clothing pallet is to treat color more as an accessory as opposed to a primary.  In an article entitled 5 Ways Women Want You To Dress by Al Mulhall, he very simply states: "A few splashes here and there can be good and will easily update clothes you already own. Try to accessorize with color though, rather than incorporate it into a whole look". This is where we get the notion of "color blocking". Color blocking is wearing strategically complimentary yet contrasting BOLD colors in one outfit.

Traditionally, color blocking has been more commonly seen on women that it has on men. This trend of color blocking among women has quickly transitioned to men's fashion as well. When done properly, color blocking is the easiest way to enhance your wardrobe without having to spend a lot of money to do so. Most personal and celebrity stylists generally determine which colors worksbest for an individual based on their skin tone and/or hair color. Typically, the darker your skin tone is, the brighter colors you can accessorize with. This, like anything else in the world of fashion is only a guideline and subject to vary based on your individual style interpretation. 


In summation, here are some practical ways to color block:

. Consult the Color Wheel: Primary colors combined with complimentary colors are always a good place to start.

2. Start off by investing in a few solid bright-colored chinos, blazers or cardigans if you do not already own any. Choose a neutral color such as white, black, grey, beige, etc. to compliment your bright piece. The key is to keep it simple, but coordinated. Shoes, accessories, grooming, as well as the fit of your garments all play a part in being able to pull off a color blocked outfit right.

3.  Try out your work and be confident in wearing what you've put together. Sometimes by checking out other dapper gents who have mastered The Art of Color Blocking, we gain the courage to give it a shot ourselves. Follow their fashion journey not to mimic them, but to use their style manners as a guideline.


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