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The Inside on Joe's Custom Clothier - Fine Bespoke Suits & Haberdashery

So who would have ever figured that such an elite and well-traveled connoisseur of fine men's garments and I worked in the same building? To my surprise, Mr. Joseph Hinton AKA Joe, a native of Sierra Leone, haberdasher and creative bespoke tailor was just 3 floors away from me! One day at work, a colleague casually mentioned to me that there was a gentleman in the building whom she thought Dress Like A Gent ™ should definitely spotlight on the blog. She briefed me on many of his accomplishments in the world of custom suit-making, tailoring and fashion merchandising. Without hesitation, I knew that I needed to meet him to find out more. 

Upon entering into his shop and workspace, I was instantly drawn to this standing mannequin just ahead of me dressed in a well-fitted, heather grey, black & cream plaid 2-button blazer. The blazer was complimented by a custom-made orange and white checkered dress shirt with a solid orange flower lapel and royal blue necktie with polo-style stripes. Oh! And not to forget the contrasting lavender pocket square trimmed in fuchsia! Joe mentioned that he planned to wear this custom ensemble to the upcoming MAGIC event in New York. MAGIC is the world's largest fashion marketplace and trade show showcasing the latest in apparel, footwear, accessories and manufacturing. 

Not only has Joe participated in MAGIC for years, but he also brings to fashion couture a wealth of experience including but not limited to nationwide fashion panel discussions, as well as experience in trade shows, fashion events, showrooms and more. Since youth, Joe has been diligent to cultivate his passion for tailoring and bespoke designs as he apprenticed under a major tailor in Sierra Leone who endorsed his gift; leading into the launching of his own brand, Joe's Custom Clothiers. In regards to tailoring, Joe very modestly has a wide range of regular clients who visit his business location throughout the week inluding trending celebrity personalities Jidenna and Janelle Monae. The level of detail, elegance and choice fabrics combined with contrasting patterns and textures is Joe's speciality. As a result, he has become one of the most sought after tailors for inumerous special events, Red Carpet events, weddings, and VIP soirées.

With over 30 years of business experience and international exposure,  Joe has received several notable accolades including the 1992 Best Designer Award in Atlanta. Joe's Custom Clothiers also offers custom neckties, bowties, lapels, brooches, underwear, dress socks and more. 

Here are three key reasons Joe lists on his site that you should own your own custom suit:

  1. Distinctive choices of style and design that separate you from others.

  2. Body measurements are taken, where the end result is customized fit beyond compare. 

  3. Exceptional fabric quality provides timeless endurance that lasts for over ten years.

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