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How to Prepare for the 2015 Harlem Renaissance Ball

How to Prepare for the 2015 Harlem Renaissance Ball

Making preparations for the Harlem Renaissance Charity Ball on September 26, 2015, there are certainly a few things to consider in order to put together the right era-appropriate look. With so many guests engaged in the theme of this event, it is important to thoroughly think through your personal look for the night as it is perfectly acceptable to showcase your individual style. To do so, let us examine a few historical elements of men's fashion during the time of the Harlem Renaissance.

During this period, men's styles were defined and elegant. African American men typically wore suits made of wool or linen fabrics tailored to fit the individual. Some of the suits they wore were more formal incorporating tails on their jacket such as seen with the tuxedo, while others were less formal and paired with baggy-fitting slacks. Suits of this nature were known as “Zoot Suits”. Zoot Suits were were typically high-waisted, with wide legs, a long coat and wide lapels and shoulders. They were originally affiliated with African-American musicians and even mobsters immersed in this culture.

Along with suits and well-tailored garments, men during the Harlem Renaissance wore pin stripes, silk shirts, pocket squares, Fedora hats, suspenders, bow ties, patent leather shoes, black and white brogues, etc. There was a true sense of pride and ownership that these men and women took not only in their city but also in their attire. To date, the styles of this period have transcended into modern-day fashion couture and can be seen recreated on major catwalks throughout America.

For a real life Harlem Renaissance experience, don’t miss out on the upcoming Harlem Rensaissance Charity Ball on September 26, 2015 from 6 – 10PM. See details on Also, check out these examples of classic Harlem Renaissance styles to use as a reference point.



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