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'Can You Dig This' The Documentary at AFF 2016

Telluride Mountainfilm on Tour held a special screening of the documentary 'Can You Dig This?' at this week's 40th Atlanta Film Festival. The documentary follows the stories of 4 urban gardeners in South Los Angeles who create gardens in some of the heaviest crime-stricken areas of the city. Each character in the film tells the story of their hardships as recovering gangstas as viewers are able to witness first-hand how hopelessness is somehow dissolved through taking responsibility to nurture community gardens throughout South LA. They say, "In the garden you learn that you have a purpose. The way the plants need to be nurtured, tended and cultivated in order to grow and produce other seed that will bring new life... Just like us, it requires patience, persistence and care." And as the film unfolds, we find a message of hope and restoration springing forth out of these shattered lives whereby they demonstrate that it's never to late to turn your life around.

These stories are not only inspiring but more importantly, they have a way of helping others understand and sympathize with people who may have gone through similar things in life. And when it's all said and done, you realize that together, we all can work toward a common goal to rebuild our communities at whatever the cost. 

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