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Introducing Sleek Bold Buttons by Joshua Mathis

Introducing Sleek Bold Buttons by Joshua Mathis


So every now and again, I manage to run across some phenomenal brands and emerging designers that I totally admire and become a lifelong fan of. These creatives have executed amazing products in fashion that I feel need the appropriate platform to market their work. And although they have their own network and following, I also think that it is vital to push them beyond their realm of influence with the intent to expand and widen the sphere of what they do. This is where Sleek Bold Buttons comes to play! 

I first ran across this young man by the name of Joshua Mathis via Instagram and was instantly blown away by his custom flower lapels centered with a unique button. The button overlaying a very detailed and clean looking fabric flower utilizing contrasting colors and patterns is exactly what makes his stuff both bold and beautiful! Since, I've had the pleasure of "blessing" myself with several of these Sleek Bold Buttons and do plan to collaborate with this young stylish/innovative gentleman to help him get the brand where it deserves to be! 

Here is what Joshua had to share with us concerning his style, background and vision for Sleek Bold Buttons:

Me: Joshua, how would you describe your personal style?

Joshua: My personal style is definitely sleek, bold and unique. I love to incorporate colors, designs and patterns which when put together properly makes a statement.

Me: What role do you feel your personal style plays in your work?

Joshua: Working in a professional environment can sometimes seem to be taunting because of the status of others around you. You may feel that you don't belong or that you won't fit it. One thing I have come to realize though is that you are addressed by the way you dress. Therefore, it doesn't matter what type of degree you have or what your background is or what color or nationality you are. I've come to realize that people respect you by the way you dress. So in my place of work despite the different roles people have or seniority or status, I'm in the same category with the best because through my style I'm looked upon as a young intelligent man who has a plan!

Me: What or who inspired your stylishly?

Joshua: I have a lot of inspiration when it comes to style. Mr. Hampton is Definitely one person who inspires me. I don't know much about him but the little I do know and see pushes me to continue to be the best I can be. My family and friends inspire me and I like to stay that I inspire myself. I like to push myself to continue to do more and continue to put out quality products and help others to stay dapper, bold and unique.

Me: Please share with us some of your immediate goals in life and what specifically you are doing to achieve them.

Joshua: Currently my goal is to get to a point where I can work full-time doing what I love to do. Fashion is my Forté and I want everyone to see how beautiful fashion is. It's more then just nice clothes; it's an Art. In order to achieve that goal I'm reaching out to different people who have already achieved that goal to see what they did and trying to follow suit, but do it better. I feel like with the inspiration that I have and the help of family and friends I'll be able to successfully achieve my goals!!

Along with Joshua's flower button lapels, he also curates double-sided pocket squares and coordinating beaded jewelry that add a certain pizzazz to the gentleman's overall look. What we're saying is, just stay tuned to Sleek Bold Buttons as we are certain that he will go extremely far in the business and be a huge inspiration for other creatives out there. 


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