The 2017 Atlanta Jewish Film Festival Just 2 Days Away!


Patrons both local and abroad are eager to welcome the 17th Annual Atlanta Jewish Film Festival (AJFF) which will kick off this Tuesday, January 24th at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre. Just two weeks ago, the 2017 lineup for the festival was announced to feature over 200 screenings of 75 different films from 24 different countries. This year's opening ceremony will take place at the Cobb Energy Centre in Atlanta beginning with an awarding-winning WWII drama Alone in Berlin, starring Emma Thompson and Brendan Gleeson. In addition to this prime screening, there will be an array of amazing films throughout the festival including an enthralling story of survival called Across the Waters, a comedic drama called The Pickle Recipe by Director Michael Manasseri and many, many more. 

As a second year media participant in the Jewish Film Festival, I can say that last year was an unforgettable experience and one in which left me very anticipatory for this year's festival! One thing for sure, AJFF is for anyone who is a film lover and has a genuine appreciation for cultureally-infused films and narratives.  Its mission, to "seek to use the power of film to both entertain and educate, AJFF challenges conventional perspectives on complex and challenging issues facing the Jewish and global communities." Screenings will be held throughought the city in various theaters and the closing ceremony will be held on February 15th again at the Atlanta Symphony Hall featuring a comical women's narrative called The Women's Balcony

The 2017 AJFF will take place from January 24 - February 15th thoughout Atlanta. To purchase your tickets or for more information, please visit  

Don't you miss it!