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#SundayStyleSense presents Za'Myr Peoples

#SundayStyleSense presents Za'Myr Peoples


Dress Like A Gent ™ is proud to introduce it's debut #SundayStyleSense feature! Our premiere gentleman this month is a very pleasant, well-mannered and style-consicious young man by the name of Za'Myr Peoples. Za'Myr is 10 years old and originally from Temple, Texas. He and his mom (Shay Peoples) relocated from Texas to Atlanta about a year ago following the death of her mother. Shay discloses how her mom helped out a lot picking Za'Myr up from after school programs and watching him on the weekends while she was at work. After her mother's passing, Shay realized that time for change was NOW and that it was simply God's timing for her and Za'Myr both to make this move to Atlanta by faith! Since their move, the both have connected with the Rock Church of Atlanta (where her twin sister Shawn Bing is member along with her husband and 3 girls) and is already seeing great doors of opportunity open up for both she and her son!


The inspiration behind launching #StyleSenseSunday (#SSS) started while I was out shopping one day and ran across this dapper boy's blazer at K & G. Immediately, when I saw the personality of the blazer, I said to myself, "This blazer would look nice on Za'Myr!" Soon afterwards, I found myself putting together a whole look for Za'Myr and sensed that God wanted to birth something unique in the realm of styling and mentorship for boys and men. I felt the need to provide an outlet whereby I could style the candidate, give them a collaborative photo shoot and do an exclusive blog feature on who they are. As I begin to develop the idea and pray about it more extensively, I decided that I would make this a whole experience including an information session and style coaching opportunity.

Biblically speaking, I've always been really inspired by the life of David reading about his humble transition into kingship. Prime example, when David first was called in by the Prophet Samuel to enter into his father's house from tending the sheep, Samuel says to David's father Jesse, "Send for him. We will not sit down until he arrives" (1 Samuel 16:11). I can imagine that David did not initially come in dressed the part. He probably looked like the "least qualified" to take up such an honorable position. Later in the life of King David, we see that he is robed in the finest of garments and serving God as a priest and king over an entire nation. Yet, God says about David, "man looks at the outer appearance, but God looks at the heart" (1 Samuel 16:7). The point is, although David did not come in dressed the part, he eventually began to change the way he clothed himself to mimic the course his purpose would lead him into!

As with so many, we sometimes need but an opportunity to see ourselves in a different light; changing the way we perceive ourselves. Studies show that when a person dresses better, they also have a tendancy to do better. I feel that even with young Za'Myr and the great potential he carries, that positioning him in a place of luxury, even for one day, could also help to boost his confidence and his sense of self-worth! With all that in mind, I decided that while the Atlanta Fair was still in town, to make it our primary scene for his photoshoot. I thought the fair would be an ideal way of displaying the blessing of youthfulness, along with the balance of responsibility and maturity which Za'Myr already possesses. Basically, my intention was for my lil' brother in Christ to have fun and to look good while he did!

Za'Myr, I felt, was the ideal prospect to help me kickstart this #SSS initiative as the introductory face of this vision God placed in my heart. When asking Za'Myr what types of things inspire him, I was taken aback by his response, "Elder Hampton" (me). He goes on to say that he had an idea about wearing something based on things he has seen me in. Stunned and humbled, I thought to myself, "I really wasn't expecting that answer from him!

Here are some more things we discussed during our very casual interview:

Me: What does Za'Myr like to do for fun?

Za'Myr: I like Art, getting my exercise... I like to play basketball and track. I really like to paint.

Me: Why do you like fashion? What does fashion mean to you?

Za'Myr: When you wear your stuff fashionably, people think differently about you. People see you differently.

Me: Do you consider yourself a leader?

Za'Myr: Yes! Because when you are a leader, people who follow you will also believe that they can be a leader.

Me: What do you think are leader qualities that you have? What would you say makes you a leader? 

Za'Myr: I always try to do my best. I want to help people get to know God.

Me: What areas do you feel you need to work on as far as leadership?

Za'Myr: My Math (lol). I want to feel better about speaking in front of people.

Za'Myr is but one of a series of young gentleman that you can expect to read about on the blog. Our goal, to feature select men both young and old every month providing an intimate, yet significant outlet for their person and purpose to be put on display. Please stay tuned for more stand-out #StyleSenseSunday candidates and feel free to tell us about any individual who you would like to see featured in the future.

Your feedback is welcomed.

*Photos Courtesy of TKO Photographic


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