Lawrence Flowers & Intercession's "CHAMPION" LIVE Recording, 2017

Friday evening March 17, 2017, a host of worshippers, locals and long-time fans, made their way to the Dream Center Church of Atlanta to attend the highly anticipated Lawrence Flowers & Intercession's (LFI) "Champion" LIVE Recording! This LIVE project would turn out to be more than just a recording, but a bonafide worship encounter from beginning to end! Special Guest artists accompanying LFI on this project include Destinae Jennings, Darius Paulk, Jalesa McRae, T’Juan, Cary the Dreamer, Minon Sarten and Josiah Martin. And I must say, the synergy and anointing between LFI and each guest artist was absolutely remarkable! From one song to the next, they collaboratively ushered us deeper and deeper into the presence of God leaving us hungry for more! Oftentimes, the fear in having other people to sing on new music is a fear of everyone being able to blend together in a way that makes sense.

Amazingly, this was not at all the case with "Champion" LIVE. The difference I noticed in this recording is that there was some serious preparation made to bring us all to this very moment. There was also a very real presence of God created in the place that you wanted to just bottle up and take back home with you. We were blessed to hear new music that was fresh, rhema and absolutely well-put together. Lawrence Flowers and his team welcomed the audience to join on one accord to celebrate Christ, our “Undefeated Champion”! But even more importantly, we lit the sanctuary of the magnificent Dream Center Church of Atlanta with a collaborative roar acknowledging that we too are champions who shall live and thrive! Let’s not forget to mention the stellar wardrobe the team was wearing during the recording…

Lawrence Flowers and Intercession had two different staple looks for the evening; one in particular that really stood out: The fellas were decked in a well-tailored MJ-style Military, black & gold coat with jean bottoms while the ladies were laced in a flowy ensemble that looked much like a custom balloon-jogger jumpsuit in grey, black and jean. These guys were all about setting the atmosphere and their choice of garments were proof of the fact! Beyond all of this, LFI stunned us with several new melodic musical arrangements such as the song “Save Us”, led by Intercession, a duo with Lawrence Flowers and Psalmist Darius Paulk called “Big Enough” and many more unforgettable tracks we experienced that night. What also blessed me about this evening is how LFI awarded a real-life champion by the name of Gwendolyn P. Scott with the Champion Award. We later discovered that she was a survivor of 6 total brain surgeries just in the past 2 years.


There was so much to be said about the glory that we felt from this recording that night that I could hardly mention it all in one article. What I will mention is that their technique, skill and anointing all helped to create an unforgettable experience. We will try our best to wait for the album to be released later this year to keep on repeat. Well done LFI - The blessing is on you!

*Images Courtesy of Marked by Major