The Brett Johnson Trunk Show - Neiman Marcus, Atlanta

On the second stop of his 9-City Tour and Collection Launch via Neiman Marcus, Creative Director and Founder Brett Johnson makes his way over to Neiman Marcus - Atlanta for another trunk show. The Brett Johnson Collection was initially launched in 2013 with three footwear styles that gained phenomenal attention from fans and eventually stirred an interest to see more of this aesthetic displayed in apparel. To date, The Brett Johnson Collection now provides men's outerwear and knitwear via, as well as through select Neiman Marcus locations nationwide and in a few specialty boutiques. Brett Johnson's collection is described as "a distinct brand of menswear which offers premium apparel that exudes style, sophistication, and edge for the global lifestyle."

When speaking to Brett Johnson at the Neiman Marcus trunk show event in Atlanta, I got a chance to ask about what inspires his designs. Brett shared that when he is developing and manifesting a concept, it always begins with a theme that has touched him personally. An example that he references is how he was inspired by the Sundance Film Festival that he attends annually. He shared how several years ago, he was inspired to pick a 1989 theme of an Armani Saks suit and reinterpret a similar look in a more modern form. Brett also mentioned that they are doing their first presentation in January styled by the world renowned fashion stylist June Ambrose in New York. This autumn/winter 2016 collection will introduce both woven shirts and trousers in addition to the items currently available.

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Brrr!'s Grand Launch at Neiman Marcus - Atlanta

brrr! cool clutch

A Big Congrats to Co-Founders Tosha Hays & Mary-Cathryn Kolb of Brrr! for their recent grand launch event this past Thursday, September 24 at Neiman Marcus – Atlanta! Former Spanx executives Tosha Hays (CIO) and Mary-Cathryn Kolb (CEO) are the co-founders of the new innovative fashion brand called Brrr! Brrr! is a brilliant new technology invented and designed by Tosha Hayes that is scientifically made of cooling fabrics which makes it cooling to the touch and refreshingly cool when put on. On, you will see a plethora of fashionably-witty items for sale such as the Coolwrap, CoolNester, CoolClutch, and more. Since their debut in 2014, the two ladies have received an enormous response from their growing fans of Brrr! and done astonishingly well with their eCommerce sales. 

To date, and with great excitement, Hays and Kolb have expanded their brilliant company from mere online sales to the high-end department store, Neiman Marcus – Atlanta! Anyone who has had an opportunity to sit down with these ladies and hear their story would be totally proud to know that Brrr! is now getting the platform and exposure it deserves to catapult the brand to its next level. This brings us to the Fall Preview Collection Launch at Neiman's... The event commenced on the evening of September 24, 2015 around 6PM EST and from the initial entry into the department store passing Fragrances, the sounds of the crowd mingling in the center of the first floor instantly got my attention.

Let me just say that the turn-out for the event was super! The center of Neiman Marcus' 1st Floor was inundated with a host of people dressed in their best; creating an ambiance of sheer expectation and respect for the brand, the founders and their accomplishment. As the guests browsed the mannequins wearing the new Brrr! Neiman's Collection and the racks laced in fresh cool Brrr! styles, there were cocktails, bites and Brrr! shopping all taking place simultaneously. People gathered around the Brrreeze Machine to witness the Powered by Air™ and science behind Brrr! technology; and how all of that works. Tosha and Mary-Cathryn, both elegantly adorned in Brrr!, along with their families and guests got a chance to converse and meet the co-founders along with checking out the new designs for the Brrr! fall collection. 

Finally, the highlight of the event was at hand – The fall preview fashion show! As the models gracefully made there way down the aisle, we got to see first-hand the versatility of Brrr! and how it's not only fashion-forward, but also practical. Mary-Cathryn shared how they intentionally wanted their clothing to be the canvas of their customer's day and to be relevant clothing to be optionally dressed up or casually worn depending on what scene you're involved in. During the show, we got glimpses of several new collection items for their collection which was collaborated with other elegant brands according to Neiman Marcus' 10 Trends of the season. Simply put, Tosha Hays and Mary-Cathryn Kolb have really out-done themselves and we are excited to see the other things the brand will reveal in the very near future. Congrats again Ladies!

Check out some of the looks from the collection and images from the event - Courtesy of Lindsay Abarca Photography