All About #Create19 (In Summary)

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Thursday, April 4th - Saturday, April 6th, a slew of creatives gathered at The Impact Church in Atlanta for The 2019 Create Conference. Celebrating its 3rd year, this anointed gathering is a well-thought-out, innovative conference hosted by Apostle Bryan Meadows & Embassy International Church. From start to finish, there were some very insightful “breakout sessions” facilitated by published professionals such as Celebrity Photographer Corey Reese, Fashion Stylist Teaira Blount, Branding Guru Andrew Nguyen and many more! Along with these great sessions, my absolute favorite was the panel discussion on mental health. The discussion was facilitated by a team of anointed clinical therapists, counselors and educators. We learned during this discussion that our mental health is just as important as our physical and spiritual health. And, that our value and anointing flows when “you are the ‘most authentic you’”; to no longer compare ourselves to others dulling our potency and effectiveness in the marketplace.

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Another thing that I most appreciate about #Create19 is how deliberately God was involved in every facet of the conference! There was absolutely no shame acknowledging God as the Ultimate Creative and the Omnipotent Creator of All Things! This creative ability was demonstrated in electrifying prophetic worship throughout the conference, evening/morning empowerment sessions and through the crafts offered by their vendors. We got a chance to speak to Antoine Beane of  Triumph Jewelry Collection who shared with us about his beaded jewelry business which he says was all hand-crafted with significance in his times of prayer. He testified about how there is a tangible presence of God released to minister emphatically to the needs of the people that purchase his products.

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We also got a chance to speak with the young genius entrepreneurial brain behind “Oh My Slime”, Michael Fears and his parents. They have created a fun, stand-apart slime company offering different scents like Tropical Blast, Grape Soda or “Gum On My Shoe” with the purpose of stimulating children by way of unconventional technology. They went on to explain how this brilliant slime invention encourages the S.T.E.M. Process (Science. Technology, Education & Math). Other guests present throughout this conference included Real Talk with Kim, J. Bolin, Pastor William McDowell, Pastor John Hannah, Lawrence Flowers, Geoffrey Golden and many, many more!

And a big shot out to Apostle Bryan Meadows for the word I heard on opening night! He taught us on the “The Time of a Gift” and that there is an appointed time of relevance and reinvention to every gift. Not to mention, the launch of his new book, “The Cave”. Make sure you grab your copy! 

Until then, we’ll see you next year at Create 20/20!

*All Photos Courtesy of Triple S. Shots Photography.