#AJFF2017 Film Review | Aida's Secrets


Aida's Secrets is yet another stunningly  captivating film and documentary showcased at this year's Atlanta Jewish Film Festival! The story involves two estranged brothers Izak and Shepsel, who were never told about one another, both born during the post-war era in separate displaced persons camps. Separated from their Polish mother Aida and 65 years later, the brothers find themselves reunited, in hopes of putting the missing pieces back together concerning their uncertain heritage. While visually-impaired Shephsel ends up in Canada and his brother Izak, is shipped away to Israel for adoption, an investigation spearheaded by Izak's family, successfully, brings the two together to rejoin their mother Aida. This documentary is a story of redemption, hope, and particulary, Aida's Secrets is a film about how unconditional love prevails in spite of decades of unresolved questions. 


Filmmakers Alon and Shaul Schwarz, capture the beauty of this family's story and teach us the importance of courageously confronting circumstances experienced with those closest to us in order to redeem lost, yet highly valuable time.  For more information about #AJFF2017, please visit www.ajff.org.