2 Weeks Til' The 5th Annual Culture Shock Show


The countdown begins! The time for the 5th Annual Culture Shock Show is fast approaching as designers, staff and fans prepare for the exhilarating fashion event which will be held this year at the Rilato Center in Atlanta, Georgia. The Culture Shock Show is definitely more than just your ordinary fashion show! In fact, it is a mélange of African fashion, music, arts, cuisine, emerging talents and more. Their mission, "to promote cultural appreciation and expose artists to empowering altitudes. Culture Shock provides the perfect networking platform not only to designers and musicians, but for small businesses as well.”

One of the key facilitators of The Culture Shock Show is Anita Safo of Pop Productions. Since its origin in 2012, Anita has very passionately planned out the annual event along with her brilliant team of stylists, producers, videographers, industry professionals, designers and more, to assure that people leave with an experience that will only spark a greater anticipation for the event in the future. In celebration of 5 outstanding years in production, this year's theme is "Evolution" and could not be more fitting for how far it has come. The show will commemorate a little of the old and the new by showcasing several variations of styles including, modern African, urban wear, as well as other trendy aesthetics all incoporating vibrant Ankara patterns and contrasting textures. 

For anyone who is a fan of African Fashion or even curious about it, be sure to meet us there on Saturday, July 30th at the Rialto from 5 - 9PM! You absolutely have got to see this!

For tickets, please visit www.thecultureshockshow.com and also check out my coverage of last year's show via Urban Lux Magzine


Atlanta Gears Up for The 4th Annual Culture Shock Show 2015

Living in a metropolitan city that is by no means an amateur where it concerns modern fashions and major fashion events, there is sometimes a gradual loss of enthusiasm where it concerns fashion shows and designer previews. The key for those immersed in the word of fashion is to strategically facilitate a substantial gathering with a theme that engages its followers and fosters an anticipation for more.

The Annual Culture Shock Show held in Atlanta, Georgia is just that! On October 17th, 2015, the Pop Productions Network will showcase the highly anticipated 4th Annual Culture Shock Show at the Georgia World Congress Center in Downtown, Atlanta. 

The Culture Shock Show highlights fashion, art and talent from different cultures by “creating a positive reflection of cultural appreciation in the diaspora.” Their mission is to promote cultural appreciation by blending theatrical choreography and fashion all in a 1-night event. This year’s theme is a very interesting concept - “Africa Meets Asia” and will spotlight similarities between Africa and Asia on the catwalk. The Culture Shock is the ideal platform for opportunistic small businesses, musicians and of course, gifted designers. 


For more information, please contact the producers at Thecultureshockshow@gmail.com