Today's Style Inspiration: Sir Marlon DeNon

In my next post, I will be sharing on How to Develop Your Personal Style. And one of the things that you will hear me mention is the importance of choosing your own personal style icon(s) as a guide toward enhancing your style. A style icon is not one whom you should try to mimic since style itself is something that is both individualistic and personalized. The style icon however, is one in whom you look up to in order to build your style. They can both directly and indirectly help to expand the way you think concerning what to wear and how to wear it. 

Speaking of which, for my first Style Inspiration Choice, I would like to feature Sir Marlon DeNon. Professionally, Sir Marlon Denon is not only an Exemplar of Classic Style, but he also is a Creative Director, Writer, Vocalist and Motivational Speaker. In my opinion, he is indeed a true blend of both style and class. Although I have never met this brother personally, I can appreciate by what he posts on his Instagram, the consistency of his style. His ability to combine colors and vintage-like pieces to his wardrobe is simply remarkable. He is, in my opinion, a modern-vintage, classy, retro gent type who seems to effortlessly layer the right clothes together in way that is simple, tasteful and appealing.

Often times, when people attempt to recreate an image that is considered vintage, it sometimes ends up looking dated and frankly, just out-of-style. This, however is not the case with this gent. With him, it's as if he has somehow voyaged back into the 40's, 50's and 60's and strategically regathered essential moments from these time periods; managing to gracefully reintroduce them in a modern and relevant form of style. Another thing I respect about Sir Marlon's style is the way he sports the hats!

I personally, have shyed away from wearing hats formally, but lately, have opened up my mind more and more to incorporating some of the more classy Fedora or Derby-Style hats into my wardrobe. My man Sir Marlon is definitely a game changer when it comes down to wearing these victorian-style hats the right way! Simply put, this gent Sir Marlon DeNon is well-deserving of a Feature in Today's Style Inspiration Blog and I eagerly anticipate seeing some more of his art work in style unfold in the days to come. Thanks Sir Marlon!


                                                                               Sir Marlon Denon's iG: @sirmarlondenon