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The truth renaissance : Brian Hampton of DRess Like A Gent ™

The truth renaissance: Brian Hampton of DRess Like A Gent ™

You are doing a great job and leaving great tips that we all can follow!
— Martin Williams
I really love your blog. You are a very stylish brotha so I expected nothing less from you. Please allow The Creator Of Life to continue to use you. Men all over the world could use your expertise. Keep on keeping on. I LOVE IT!!
— Leta Laguanda
I’m lucky enough to see the diversity of your style in person. The blends of patterns and colors and upbeat professional outfits has broadened my thinking on ways of blending fashion and professional attire. I appreciate the subtle adornment suggestions that he gives to make an outfit “pop”. I look forward to seeing this blog develop and getting ideas to enhance how I present the gentleman that I am!
— Mombé Banga
Thank you for Capturing our ministry “Dance Crucifixion “ through your words. You make it come to life all over again! Not only am I a dancer but a creative fashion stylist and I must say your fashion is very articulate in it’s own entity. I love your blog and style. May God continue to advance you in all your creative ability!
— Onisha Goldsmith