My name is Brian Hampton. I'm your not-so-average guy who just happens to have a knack for style. Since my youth, style has played a major role in my life and has progressively followed me throughout every professional experience I have had. Before I started styling professionally, It was said that I was a natural for informally styling others at the drop of a dime. Eventually, I realized that this was an ability that I needed to cultivate more and make a living out of. The Dress Like A Gent™ Blog will give you a snippet of what I do and of who I am. My goal is to provide you with the know-how in the world of style and to assist you with developing your personal style, class, living and etiquette.


personal shopper

In addition to blogging on classic men's styles and "All Things Men's Fashion", Dress Like A Gent™ also provides the following services upon request:

  • Media Coverage

  • Workshops on Men's Fashion & Style

  • Brand Consulting

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#DressLikeAGent's Instagram is our primary social media outlet. This is the place where the brand first began and flourished. Here, you can browse our most current image feed on new looks, media-related events, tags to other iconic brands, other randomness and more.