Recap: Men's Panel Discussion at Sheen Magazine's 10-Year Anniversary


On Saturday, May 30, 2016, Sheen Magazine hosted an all-male panel and discussion on the topic "What a Man Wants". The panel speakers included Christian Keyes (Actor & Author), T.W. Dawson (Motivational Speaker), Pastor Adrian Davis (All Nations Christian Center), Andre Carter (Author & Speaker) and Tre Chapman (Chapman Foundation Chair). Each gentleman chosen on the panel represented different areas of the industry with different life experiences and differences in age. The beauty of the discussion was that the audience was not just men, but also women who wanted to hear what these men had to say. As the discussion unfolded, the conversation leaned more on the side of "what a woman wants" more than about "what a man wants". One of the panelists and son of Kim Chapman (Founder of Sheen Magazine) by the name of Tre Chapman (Chapman Foundation Chair), made a comment in the midst of the discussion that ended up rattling the crowd. He says, "Women want direction and correction".


Without much explanation and little to no time to elaborate on his views, Pastor Adrian Davis of All Nations Christian Center in Huntsville, Alabama, interjected concerning the statement Tre made. Pastor Davis not only offered biblical perspective throughout the forum, but also some very sound wisdom on the topics that were covered. In response to Tre's comment, Pastor Davis says, "You have to be the man she is willing to follow so that when you do bring correction she is open to receive it." Along with these mentions, Actor Christian Keys and Andre Carter became very transparent regarding the affects of fatherlessness in their lives and how it has impacted them today as grown men. They share how the absence of the father has weighed heavy on their development as men and is is a constant battle, yet Christian Keyes shares very frankly how his faith in God has helped him to forgive in hopes of one day getting the opportunity to get to know his father personally.

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